Sunday, 19 January 2020

Two old oldies!

Sunday evening already, how'd that happen so quickly!  Time definitely goes quicker at the weekend!

I've two real oldies this evening - the date on this Whipper Snapper kitty stamp was 2008 so it's lasting well!  Coloured with polychromos and popped up on foam pads. Clear gloss added to his nose and thermometer.

And this stamp from Anita's is even older with a date stamp on it of 2002!  I think it was maybe one of the first Christmas stamps I ever bought and I still ink it up now and then.  He comes with a load of stars round him but I masked them off and then inked up my sky.  I hadn't intended to add so many stars but I made a bit of a hash inking the sky and needed to take the focus off it!  

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Love bunny and a confused penguin

Such a bright beautiful winter's day we had today, the sun was splitting the trees, so it was nice to get all wrapped up and get to the local park for a dander.  I couldn't believe how much their daffodils are up already! It was Ruby's first outing after a surprise visit to the vets on Thursday to get 4 teeth out, poor wee thing. But she's back to her old self now, and woofing down her dinner :)

This first card uses some real old oldies - I'm not even entirely sure how ancient my Whipper Snapper bunny is!  I've also used a partial sentiment from an old Paper Smooches set and for some reason my MFT heart die rarely gets an outing!
Coloured with polychromos, sparkle added to the big heart and clear gloss to his nose.

This card got a wee bit confused in the making!  It started off as a penguin based one for the Christmas Kickstart challenge, and this little penguin was the one I chose.  So then I thought my boozing buddy would be perfect for the 'cheers' challenge over at MFT Birthday and I thought I could make it that it could also double as a winter birthday card. But now I'm not sure it actually looks like either a Christmas card or a birthday card!!  Maybe it's more of a Thank You for after Christmas?

Sunday, 12 January 2020

A flying Zebra and Get Well roses

We've had a lovely bright day today, but it's all change for tomorrow.  Storm Brendan is due to hit with 85mph gales, so it definitely won't be an umbrella type of day!  This little guy would be blown to Spain LOL

I had a little slice of this swirly DP in my pile that I knew would come in handy and it was just big enough to slide behind my hearts die :)
Zebra popped up on foam pads, sparkle added to the edge of the umbrella and shine added to his hooves.  Little blue stars from stash.

I couldn't get a decent pic of this one, you'll have to trust me that it looks much better in real life LOL

I've discovered that I can colour in and watch TV at the same time, mostly thanks to my fab new sharpener that catches all the shavings, so I'm not up and down every 2 minutes to sharpen my pencils!
Floral image from Clearly Besotted, coloured with polychromos and then splattered with pink and green watercolours.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Floral Double

I finally made it to my craft shop today and managed to get some white cardstock, hurrah.  But I was gutted to learn that they're closing soon, gone the way of the usual high street shops.  It's such a shame, they've been in Belfast for over 30 years!

I coloured up a couple of these MFT flowers the other night while there was rubbish on the TV ... namely Dr Who!  That would have been an hour lost from my life, so I was glad I actually had something to show for my time ;)

I've gone back to my beloved polychromos for these - I think of the pair I prefer the pink one

Pink card:

Yellow card:

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Flowers #2 and Chris's birthday card

Happy New Year folks!  I can hardly believe it's 20 years since the hooha at the turn of the millennium!  I spent mine dosed with the cold but squeezed in a wee Baileys just for the sake of it and managed to stay up long enough to see the fireworks on TV.

Here's the remake of the birthday card I made recently with my new Clearly Besotted stamp and used watercolours this time.  Not a medium I'm overly happy with, give me watercolour pencils any day. Though it's all part of my 'be more adventurous' crafty resolution and to try new or different techniques.

I should know by now not to leave cards to the last minute.  My mojo tends to go AWOL and I'd no clue what to make for my brother-in-law.  I'd seen one like this on Pinterest a while ago using a big balloon die and thought I'd have a go at making my own, though I'm not sure if it actually looks like a balloon or not ... at least Greg didn't manage to guess what it was!  Maybe I should have had more of a curve on the edge?  Ah well, time's up, it will have to do.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Floral birthday

I'm hoping my local craft shop has finally got their white cardstock in, I'm so not loving kraft card as my base!
This floral image was one of my recent purchases from Clearly Besotted.  I might get my watercolours out for the next attempt, I think they would work well with this one.   I might go over my leaves again, they're a wee bit pale looking here - though the days are so dark and my photos are rubbish so it's hard to tell really!

And a final outing for my favourite snowman - apologies I've probably overused him on my blog this season!  I've my Mum's calendar pages all made in advance this year, so thought I might make some for my own desk in work.  I'd a couple of wee snippets of white sparkly card that were just too small to go back into my stash and were destined for the bin, so used them up here for snowflakes.  I also added in some clear gloss dots + glitter for sparkly falling snow and I've inked in some snowdrifts but they're not really showing up in my pic.  Bye bye snowdude! 

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Here's to 2020!

Well that's Christmas done and dusted for another year.  We'd a great feast with the clan down in Mum's, and then back again today for round 2 of the turkey!  Elastic waistbands are definitely the way to go ;)

Anyway, as lots of you already know I usually make my Mum's calendar pages each month and 9 times out of 10 they're late!  So I got ahead of the game this year and made them all in advance as a wee Christmas gift.    I wrote out the little poem about the months of the year (in my awful scrawly writing) and stuck it to the bottom edge of each one.  I was going great guns but got a bit stuck on July (I'm not even sure what a gillyflower is!) and October was a bit iffy too as I only have 1 image of a nut in my stash and I couldn't think what to do with it.