Monday 29 June 2020

Watch out for those teeth!

Ack I've no mojo at the minute, I'm blaming our crappy weather.  I definitely hit lucky with my week off work as it's been a bit rubbish ever since!  At least the garden is well watered!

This was one of those faffing about cards.  It started just with some stencilling and the shark and sentiment.  Thought it looked boring.  Added some stamped hearts. Nope. Added some swirls. Nope.  Added the rest of the sea critters.  Hmm. Added the swirl in the top corner and some bling.  Made myself stop.  Don't think there's room on this card for anything else anyway hahaha.

Sunday 21 June 2020

Deirdre's party animals

Ahh boo hoo, that's Birthday week over and back to work tomorrow :(  I had a lovely week off - socially distanced birthday cake in the garden with the family, a few day trips here and there and the traditional trip to Portrush (couple of pics below), and the weather was fab.  Can't say that for today, mid-summer's day and we had lots of really heavy showers and at times it was black as night, not a day for heading anywhere!

I've been playing with some new goodies today, this MFT stamp set and a new set of corner dies.  This is destined for a work pal, seeing her on 'zoom' just isn't the same thing!  I've added lots of gloss and glitter to my critters, and couldn't resist giving yer man a big sparkly moustache ;)

Friday 19 June 2020

Christmas Bears and Birdies

So here we are almost at Mid-Summer's day!  It was a grey old one for us and according to Alexa it was 85% humidity!  The sooner I get my fuzzy head sorted at the hairdresser the better ;)  Roll on July!

Anyway, I'm still in Christmas mode, so here's my MFT bears again.  This is version #2 - the first one just had a totally wrong colour theme going but I managed to get my central panel scraped off almost unscathed.  A couple of wee knife marks now hidden with some snowflakes!  I'm hoping for a wee visit to Hobbycraft soon as I'm down to the scrappiest scraps of this silver sparkly card.

This Tina Wenke stamp was another of my new purchases.  If I was colouring it again I think I'd do the little birdies a slightly lighter shade of brown, they're a bit lost here.  I added sparkle to the ribbon and fine glitter to the snow and then bigger glitter flakes to the berries, so there's plenty of sparkle!  I think I need a wee 'something' for where the sentiment panel meets the image, I might have a look for a wee holly image or something.

Saturday 13 June 2020

Hippo Birthday

Here's a not-so-quick-quickie!  It started off just my hippo, circle and text and just looked too boring (I think it's because my DP is kinda drab), so I added in the hearts die.  Nope still didn't look right.  Added a couple of little punched butterflies.  Hmmm.  Had a root through my stash and found this corner die and that was just what it needed.  I think I'm happy now ;)
Hippo from Gerda Steiner coloured with watercolour pencils.  Clear gloss glitter added to the butterfly, the little heart and toenails.

I've a wee week off work now hurrah, I think the weather is to be half decent so we'll see.  Maybe I'll get the fence painted. Maybe not ;)

Wednesday 10 June 2020

A foxy birthday

Ok so I'm using my tablet for this post and obviously it's designed to be used on modern software and not my dinosaur laptop! It's definitely a bit easier, but I do like to use a keyboard and mouse when I'm posting.  Maybe someday I'll bite the bullet and get a new laptop.

Sorry it's not a great photo of this card, if I remember I'll get my light out and take a better one.
I've used this cutie from Neat & Tangled, coloured with Polychromos. I discovered a really old embossing folder in my stash, it's just a narrow strip really.  Im  not sure why I haven't used it before  but I'll definitely be using it again, I love it!  I've also splattered some pale blue ink to the background but it doesn't really show well in the pic.

Sunday 7 June 2020

Christmas Bears

Oh dear, I'm not loving this new blogger interface!  Maybe it's just because my laptop is so old, but I don't see any editing toolbars at the top.  Might have to start trying to do these posts on my tablet.

I've been on the hunt for some stamps for this year's Christmas cards (and ended up blowing this year's crafty budget in the process!) and one of my purchases was these MFT winter bears.  I've tried to use up some of this DP from a never-ending unloved Christmas pad and made a little matching tag too.  I also bought some fine clear glitter, but when I add it to the gloss on his scarf it's not very sparkly, so that was a bit of a disappointing purchase.

Tuesday 2 June 2020

A rainbow lion

Evening all, hope you're all well!  We've had a fab run of sunny weather here, but it's all going to change for tomorrow and it feels like we need a good rattle of thunder to clear the air.  A humid 25degrees is the very last thing my fuzzy hair needs!  Poor Rubydoo has just been spending her time searching for shade in the garden or digging out the border to get to the cool soil! Bad girl!  She's off to the groomers tomorrow, I dread to think how much dirt is going to come out of her! At least we'll get our moneys worth out of her haircut!  I'm tempted to ask him to have a go at my own LOL

This little Tracey Hey lion definitely looks like he's been at the hair dye ;)    Coloured with polychromos and some sparkle added to his headband and the markings on his face.  The die in the background is an oldie from Gummiapan that for some reason is seldom used.  My snazzy DP kinda does a lot of the work here and makes it look more complicated than it acutally is!