Saturday 28 December 2019

Floral birthday

I'm hoping my local craft shop has finally got their white cardstock in, I'm so not loving kraft card as my base!
This floral image was one of my recent purchases from Clearly Besotted.  I might get my watercolours out for the next attempt, I think they would work well with this one.   I might go over my leaves again, they're a wee bit pale looking here - though the days are so dark and my photos are rubbish so it's hard to tell really!

And a final outing for my favourite snowman - apologies I've probably overused him on my blog this season!  I've my Mum's calendar pages all made in advance this year, so thought I might make some for my own desk in work.  I'd a couple of wee snippets of white sparkly card that were just too small to go back into my stash and were destined for the bin, so used them up here for snowflakes.  I also added in some clear gloss dots + glitter for sparkly falling snow and I've inked in some snowdrifts but they're not really showing up in my pic.  Bye bye snowdude! 

Thursday 26 December 2019

Here's to 2020!

Well that's Christmas done and dusted for another year.  We'd a great feast with the clan down in Mum's, and then back again today for round 2 of the turkey!  Elastic waistbands are definitely the way to go ;)

Anyway, as lots of you already know I usually make my Mum's calendar pages each month and 9 times out of 10 they're late!  So I got ahead of the game this year and made them all in advance as a wee Christmas gift.    I wrote out the little poem about the months of the year (in my awful scrawly writing) and stuck it to the bottom edge of each one.  I was going great guns but got a bit stuck on July (I'm not even sure what a gillyflower is!) and October was a bit iffy too as I only have 1 image of a nut in my stash and I couldn't think what to do with it.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Greg's Christmas card

So here we are at Christmas Eve again, it certainly doesn't seem like 12 months since the last time!!
As per usual, the last card of the season is for my beloved, and of course I've used my favourite snowdude again.  I've inked up the background and added some falling snow - no sign of it here though, I think it's giving a mostly dry today tomorrow so it will be nice to see how many kids be out on their new bikes and scooters.  There's definitely less every year, they're all indoors playing on their new phones or computer games!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my blogland buddies!  We'll be off down to Mum's as usual with the clan.  Diet starts in the New Year ;)

Saturday 21 December 2019

Mum's birthday card

 Well the 25th is approaching at double quick time ... I still haven't finished my Christmas cards, Greg's always ends up being the last one I make.  Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow and then I only have a wee Christmas pressie to finish making and I'm done!   I escaped work on Friday and that's us till the 2nd, so it will be a nice long break that I'm more than ready for!

I bought this beautiful fuschia stamp from Clearly Besotted to use on Mum's birthday card as she has a few different fuschias growing in her garden in the summer and they are so pretty.  I LOVE how this turned out!

Coloured with polychromos with sparkle added to the purple petals and some clear, pink and purple bling to finish.

Saturday 14 December 2019

O Christmas Tree

So here's a wee quickie Christmas card ... well, when I say quick it took me a few evenings to finish but I was making a rake of these little cards for my workmates and had a great production line going.

I've used this sweet tree from Purple Onion - coloured with polychromos; sparkle and clear gloss added to the bow, and clear gloss and glitter added to the tree decorations.  Little gold star added to the top of the tree.
My local craft store didn't have any white card (gasp! panic!) so I had to use some kraft as my base.

Monday 9 December 2019

Birthday Kitty

Typical, I've plenty of mojo and I've just done the unhead of .... I've run out of card!!! Emergency visit to the craft store tomorrow!

This card is another one for my Aunt's gift pack, I reckon this would be headed to her Great Nephew.  It wasn't the stamp I intended to use, but of course the one I had in mind is nowhere to be found.  So good old Penny Black to the rescue.  I've coloured my kitty with polychromos, adding sparkle to the balloon and the dots on his shorts, and glitter to the balloon ribbon.

Sunday 8 December 2019

An LOTV two-fer

Eeek, the Christmas deadline is fast approaching so I need to get a bit craftier than I have been recently!

I usually give my Aunt a few cards as part of her pressie, and I've a fair idea that these ones would be sent to her great-nieces.  I love my LOTV stamps, gutted that they're only doing their new ones in digital :(

Coloured with polychromos and sparkle added to the flower.  Also, I saw on Kathy's page (The Daily Marker) recently that she draws in eyelashes with a very fine marker, so I gave that a go, though I think next time I'll draw them slightly above the way she did.  I would have added another butterfly or two down the left hand side, but my snippet left over was just too small even for the little butterfly and I've none of this lovely blue card left :(

This one uses my new sunburst stencil from Clearly Besotted's sale ... I did accidentally buy other goodies too of course but they're for sharing on another day ;)

My little girl is popped up on foam pads and I added sparkle to her jumper.  Pink and blue stars from stash.