Sunday 31 January 2021

David and Greg's birthday cards

 Evening Folks!  That was a brrrrr chilly weekend, though it was nice to get out to the garden today to get the leaves swept up and a bit of a tidy.  The daffs are starting to peep and I see the hydrangeas budding too, so spring is on the way :)   It was the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend too, so the birdies got extra grub and a clean bath, but there were definitely fewer about than previous years, maybe they were just cosied up in their nests. 

I have a male theme for my cards this evening.  This one's for my brother - he likes to keep fit and has his own set of weights, so I thought this little MFT weightlifting kittie (?) would be perfect.  I would have popped him up on a wobble thing, but they only turned up the instant I stuck him down - they've been on the missing list for months so I'm delighted to have found them. 

And this one's for Greggy, last minute as always, and I've used a wobble thingy behind the bear:)
I've treated myself to a day off work for his birthday, though probably the height of our travels will be to the supermarket for something nice for tea!

Thursday 21 January 2021


 Hi all!  Sorry I've been off radar again, I had zero mojo most of last year and even less recently after Rubydoo died.  I'd like to say thank you to everyone who sent kind words of sympathy, and especially to Di at Pixie's Crafty Workshop who's going to be running an occasional challenge in Ruby's memory!  We are still very sad, I never realised how big a part she played in our lives until she wasn't there any more.  We are planning on getting another wee dog but will probably have to wait until this lockdown has passed ... whenever that will be!

So I've spent the last few weeks stripping, sanding and painting my kitchen cupboards and then the walls needed doing, couldn't quite face painting the ceiling though so just don't look up!!  Order has finally been restored and I have my kitchen table back so I've given myself a good talking too and need to get back to crafting as I've a few orders waiting.  Hope to get for a visit to all my bloggy buddies soon to see what you've all been up to!   My cards this evening aren't the cheeriest though!....

This MFT stamp takes me an age to colour, I reckon it was well over an hour so it's definitely one to do while watching telly!  

My Clearly Besotted daffodils only really get used this time of year, though they're not peeping up in the garden yet!  Bonus points for using some green card that's maybe been in my stash for about 10 years!