Thursday, 4 February 2016

My stamp record

No card from me tonight, but for Day 4 of the Daily Marker challenge  I thought I'd share my stamp record that I've been colouring.  I'm on the Eat Cake Graphics design team, so I keep a wee book and stamp all my images in it.  Best idea I ever had ... it just makes it so easy to have a quick scan to see which stamp I fancy using! I normally write down the name of the stamp, but haven't quite got round to it on these pages.  These are all coloured just with ordinary pencils.  (looks brighter in real life but I was too lazy to get out my daylight lamp and take a proper pic!)


  1. Great idea, Lynne! I should SO do this! Thanks for inspiring me to try to get organized!

  2. What a super idea! It would eliminate going through my boxes and bins of stamps to find the right one. I often find stamps which I have forgotten all about, but then they get put back in the bin and I forget about them again! With all the images in a notebook, perhaps I'd get more use out of ALL of them.

  3. gr8 idea. Even I am going to do this. Thanks a lot.

  4. Such a fab idea - you have some great images there!
    Hugs, Danielle x

  5. Such a sensible idea and a ready made colouring book rather than buying one as the are so fashionable at the moment. I'm afraid the number of stamps I have puts me off doing the same. Maybe if I'd started on day one?! I started trying to organise my stamps earlier in the week, but gave up when I couldn't decide whether to sort them by theme or manufacturer. Have a great weekend. Cara x

  6. I had a similar book, but never thought of coloring them in. That's a nifty idea. What do you do though when you give away or sell a stamp?

    1. I only really keep a record for my DT stamps so I've not given away or sold any - wish I'd stamped one of these books for all the others though. I think I would just put a line through the image if I didn't have it anymore.


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