Wednesday 15 February 2017

Naughty or Nice reminder

We're half way through February already, so it's reminder time at Naughty or Nice. I managed to ignore the optional colour theme last time, so I've mostly managed to use it this time, though I've just realised I managed to totally ignore the love theme LOL I'll be getting the sack as a Naughty Girl ;)

I don't really have any of those shades of pinks in my watercolour pencils, so this is as close as I could get.
I manage not to add any sparkle for a change!  My only accent was some clear gloss in those little coloured circles.


Sarah said...

This is very pretty Lynne and the colours look close enough to save you a sacking!! xx

Dotty Jo said...

You're not a Troublemakers for nothing! Beautiful, beautiful card, Lynne. The theme and colours options are just that: optional, so I think we'll keep you! Jo x

Cheryl W. said...

That image is so pretty - especially the way you've colored it. Gorgeous card, even without sparkle. :)

Kate said...

Such a pretty card - you could add a small heart among those bubbles to comply with the love theme!!!