Thursday, 18 August 2016

What's going on?

Ohhh I think I need a new laptop - it takes mine 10 minutes of thinking about it before it recognises my camera is plugged in.  And the F on my keyboard is playing up.  I'll be merrily typing away and then have to go back to fix all the spelling.  grrrr

Then my blogger is playing silly buggers and publishing posts twice, what's that about??
Good job the F is playing up, too much hassle for a good swear word   ;)


  1. I feel your pain, Lynne! Yesterday, I dropped my computer a short distance off of my sofa and onto a carpeted floor. In so doing, the power connection was pulled completely out of it! I took the back off of my laptop and did my best to plug the tiny interior connector piece back into the appropriate slot. I had tried to find directions on the internet, but there were none. I only found the admonition that if you do it wrong, you could "fry" your motherboard when you plug it back in. I held my breath when I plugged it back in and turned it on...but it seems all is well. Thank goodness! Computers are like automobiles - love 'em when they work, hate 'em when they don't!!

  2. You arent the only one! My keyboard has me wondering if my head has gone goofy the way it switches letters! Aaargh!!! is right! Just last night I had a double most on blogger too Scratching my head!


  3. Get a new keyboard, don't persevere it will only drive you nuts. or if you are technical at all remove the button and maybe a bit of WD40 on cotton wool bud or you may have something like a dead cockroach stuck under there.... no only joking. And to top it off you are still no reply blogger when you comment on peoples blogs so I came here. Lucky I know who you are lol, just to let you know I left it alone, the card with the misstamped image. I decided it looked fine, especially if I took my glasses off.


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