Sunday, 16 February 2020

Birthday Duck

Hope everyone is safe and well this evening.  It's just awful seeing the flooding and mess that Storm Dennis caused across the UK.  We've been pretty much unscathed, though I'm sure the rivers are full to the neck.

Here's a wee quickie this evening.  Well, when I say 'quickie' I really mean it took over 2 and a half hours to make (and I'd already coloured the image!)
I had a blue base originally, then added a purple panel, faffed about, added some stencilling, faffed a bit more, added some die cuts, more faffing, and then I threw it in the bin and started again.  At least I had the sense to give up before I'd stuck down my duck!
For this one I simply added some coloured splatters, a few stars and a die cut sentiment, and that was it done!  Now why didn't I do that to start with ;)


Cheryl W said...

It's nice to read that someone else besides me faffs about when making a card. I have one sitting on my workbench right now that I've been undecided about for two days running!! I just can't seem to hit on the right embellishments. Luckily I haven't had to toss it in the bin...yet. Your card turned out great. Love the image. That duck looks a little flustered sitting on top of those gifts. Maybe he's afraid of heights.

MagsB said...

Oh Lynne, I had to smile at your description of all the 'faff' in making your card! I do exactly the same!!! Your finished card is simply lovely!

I'm so glad that Storm Dennis didn't treat you too badly. Hopefully that's the last big storm of the winter.

love Mags B x

debby4000 said...

Brilliant job with the sketch, you're not alone at faffing I spend far to much time just moving paper!

Deb said...

So love this!
Many thanks for joining us at Cute Card Thursday this week!