Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Tabby cat, or not?

For day 2 of the Daily Marker colouring challenge I was going for the tabby cat look here - I should have googled a picture before I started ;)  He was a bit too yellow at first, and then was too orange, so there's about 3 other brown shades here too to tone him down a bit!

My Kitty is from Eat Cake Graphics
2016-G Kitty Sebastian has very long whiskers
Coloured with watercolours.
Couldn't get a decent pic of this tonight, I'll try again tomorrow.  I might add a doodled border, it looks like it needs 'something'.


Cheryl W. said...

Your kitty looks pretty darn cute, even though you say you struggled with the coloring. Not sure your card needs anything else, but I do think a doodled border would be a nice addition.

Sarah said...

Step away from the card!! It's perfect as it is!! xx

Brenda in IN said...

I think it is perfect. It reminds me of my son's cat, same color.

Cara said...

Love your watercolouring, personally I'd add a border, but don't blame me if it turn out wrong! Maybe try drawing a border on a bit of acetate or tracing paper and holding it over it to see first. Cara x

Julie B said...

Sweet puddy tat, I like how you've w/cloured him.
Thanks for jpoining us at ATSM. :0)